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Heya, I have a very odd problem with my computer.

A little bit of story (I'll keep it short)

Had a rootkit and boot sector virus a few weeks ago

combofix got rid of it, temporarily

three days ago it came back, this time the computer 'froze' (cpu usage on maximum on all cores, jumping from process to process if one got killed)

resetted the pc via button

ever since I can't get ANY OS to install/boot.
Windows spits out 0x0000007b, Linux ..does it's own thing (I'm a Linux noob, no idea)

Anyway, the disks (I haad two installed at the time, both work flawlessly, got all bad sectors fixed, etc, I can do everythign with 'em, except booting)

HDAT2 reported them as Security: Frozen (not sure what that means, but I have a hunch, but that hunch doesnt do anything for me)

CD works fine, I can boot from CDs
I can access the disks, as stated above, etc.

Onboard- (parralel ata, yes? the broad cable, don't have fancy new HDDs. :( )
slot didn't work,3rd party controller card thingy doesn't work.

I am clueless, even flashing/updating the bios didn't help.

What can I do? Is the controller busted? (another hunch, the internet didn't give me much to work with, and I'm clueless about hardware stuff like that)

I can't remove the battery from my bios because the factory defaults don't recognicze my CPU, and I have no money at all to spare at the moment.

I'd be glad for any help.

Thank you in advance...

Low level, mid level, high level formatting didn't work.
Zeroing out didn't work (though admittedly I didn't let that one finish (which was a safe operation, no harm done by that))

BartPE doesn't work, yeah, I'm clueless.

I'm on a timelimit, I wont't be able to reply for at least a couple of days, but help is still greatly appreciated.

It'S probably a really simple problem (even if its hardware related, as in fried mainboard, I can deal wit hthat eventually) but thsi just looks like a major case of gremlins,and I'd love to beat them with low cost.

Anyway, cheers!

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Sorry for double posting, but I have an update to report:

It seems Ubuntu managed to install itself, working too, it was my last resort after Windows didn't want to install even after zeroing out the drive completely.

So... this begs the question, is this still a HDD related issue, or does it need to go in the Malware section?

In case it helps:
Ubuntu showed me some S.M.A.R.T. results, warning me about remapped sectors.
Average: 100
Worst: 100
Threshold: 36
Value: 1 Sector

I'm going to replace the HDD, not much use anymore anyway, but seeing how Windows didn't like my other disk after that incident either makes me curious what I'm dealing with.

Thank you for your time. :)
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