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Hi guys ,

I would be getting a laptop pretty soon , will be using it for my tertiary education . I will need to log onto a school server/domain , hence XP home will not do . The problem is 90% of all laptops come with XP home . I therefore need to buy a set that comes with any other operating system . I have various options ....

1) Pay a premium of $100 for a XPP/win 2K upgrade pack off the shelf and do it myself .

2) Pay even more for a factory upgrade to XPP ... maybe $150 .

3) Downgrade to ME or 98SE for free ... or get a laptop with those OS like the compaq EVOs and Dells .

I will be doing basic MS office stuff , networking , gaming , digicaming , MP3ing , ... .

PLease advise ..which choice is better . I can afford the $100 , but it would be a strain ..since I'll be footing the bill on my own , with a meagre allowance .
I need stability ..coz I'm a dumb dodo with regards to computers

Thank You very much .
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