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Good ole MSBLAST exploit... oy...

Well, in the wake of what I would call a work of art (I do not appreciate all of Gates' bull...), I am left w/o sound... system wav's are a beep from the chasis speaker... but thats all I've got...

Ok basically problems are
1) No Sound
2) "No" playback device AKA it wont aknowledge my sound card
3) Reinstalling sound card doesnt help 1 + 2
4) A computer restart results in the inability to properly log on (will get into windows as main user w/o it being on the 3FingerSalute menu)
5) 4 can only be remedied by reinstalling XP, and is only a single event fix

On the upside, I found out that XP has no idea what my raid controller needs for drivers... says the .inf (the one that it RECOMMENDS) was made for 98

Any help wooooould be appreciated (cuz I am sick of no sound and reinstalling XP... =D)

Posting this around because I'm not sure where it really falls under
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