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optimizing hd for

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I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to optimze the hard drive. Apparently it helps so that morrowind will play faster or at least lock up less. I didn't realize hard drives had anything to do with games, but if anyone has some tips or ideas, I would really appreciate it.
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Can you tell us the spec on you computer so we can get a beeter idea of what you made to do.
Hi! Welcome to the TSF.

I myself do not have Morrowind but I have looked into the game. It appears that the type of cd protection used is a major cause of performance issues with the game. It is rumored that this protection may be removed in a patch. There are "hacked" executable files that allow you to run the game and bypass the cd protection.

As for hard drive tuning you can defrag. If you have not already, this will give some performance increase. Also turn some of the graphics options down or off.

Let us know how it goes and if someone out there does have the game they may be able to help a little more.
I 've defragged, only helps mildly. My computer is an ibm athlon 1gz, 256k ram, 32mb gforce,hd is 30gig, I think. I have been told by several people that I need to use this thing called a crack which will allow me to load it without the cd and thus not use up so much cpu. My next step is to figure out how to download this thing and chances are I will be coming back here with some questions. Thanks for the info so far.
In most cases those cracks just make the program think that the CD is in a instead of getting the info from the CDROM it'll get it from the Harddrive. If you want to optimize.... quit all unnecessary programs while running and lower yout graphics settings, and depending on what kind of harddrive you have make sure that your motherboard is going as fast as possible... meaning make sure you have the proper cabling for the harddrive, make sure the BIOS is reading whatever your max bus speed is, and then give it a shot... if that doesn't work there are sites that have Geforce tweaks and overclocking.... plus you can give the program a higher cpu priority.....
optiming hd for

How would I go about giving the game a higher cpu priority. I am not sure why, but everyone says the crack file will make it run 10 to 15 percent faster so I have to try it, but it says I have to backup files, that I don't even know how to find. Anyway, once again any help is appreciated.
Okay what OS are you running Morrowind on?I'm going to do some snooping tonight in the way of a crack for it and I'll go from there.
Try downloading cacheman 5. It is a good utility which optimises your memory usage and also your drive caches etc.
Is this a good game?
I just bought Neverwinter Nights and I like it, also Age of Wonders II.

I love that RPG Chit, is Marrowind a cool RPG game?

:bandit: -=*TC*=-
Chick...Try Dungen Seige

losing hours of sleep to are awsome and that is probley the worst part of the game:winkgrin:
Hi if you need a crack for morrowind go to http://gamecopyworld . its got about 10 different ones so choose carefully or read the read me's to be sure. It usually just a matter of exchanging the crack .exe with your game .exe. Good luck:D.
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