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Optimal HD space for Linux Open SUSE

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I am partitioning my hard drive, prepping it to install Open SUSE.

What is the optimal amount of space I should set aside for the OS partition. I have 2 hard drives, one for data and programs and such, the other for OS only.

I just want to account for expansion for updates and everything.

I can do up to 160GB, but i know that is way more then necessary.
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A few years ago the entire Suse 7 including dev files was only 6G.

What you need now are 3 partitions, root home and swap.

For / (root) use about 15G (it wont fill this but has room for expansion)
Reason I say this is I have a very full Ubuntu which uses just 9G including development files.

For /swap it depends on physical RAM, in the days of kernel 2.2 the rule of thumb was 2xyour physical RAM but these days you can generally leave about 1 or 2Meg or space for the /swap partition.

For /home you can make as large as you want, if you store movies, pictures etc make
it 50G or more.

As a file system chose either ext3, ext4 or resiser. The Suse Forum will possibly also have recommendations.
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