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I have 3 or 4 years of web development and the possibility of embarking on a reconstruction project of an existing application in VB6 (approximately 290 forms) which manages unemployment files - Decree n ° 2019-797 of July 26, 2019 and others according to the laws to be implemented over time.

I would like the opinion of more experienced developpers on the choice of language / framework to adopt.
I would also like to know if we could adopt the concepts of OOP on these decrees and thus transcribe all the code in ... framework or something else in order to import the class for the decree and the methods according to the article, financial calculations and rules to implement. (Something like that).

I am a serious person aware of the difficulties that await me.

What do you think ?

What language or technology would you choose for a project of this size?

The company is considering Angular for this project but I'm looking for more independent opinions please.

Thank you
Best regards
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