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"Operating System Not Found"

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I have a Sony Vaio VGN laptop.
Bought it off someone else, it came with Windows 7 Ultimate RC.

After June 1st the RC expired so I wiped the hard drive empty with KillDisk.

Now I want to install a genuine version of Windows 7 Ultimate and it keeps giving me this black screen with the error message "Operating System Not Found". What do I do?

Yes - checked BIOS, optical drive is at 1st booting priority for the DVD
Yes - BIOS recognized the hard drive
Yes - I have tried burning the .ISO onto a USB stick and booting from there
Yes - I've put BIOS back to default settings

All with no luck.
How the heck do I get a normal operating system onto this laptop?!?!
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First, where did the DVD come from? Did you burn it or is it retail?
I bought a brandnew Windows 7 Ultimate DVD (full retail version).
and welcome to the Forum

If you get the message "Operating System Not Found". it has notbooted from the DVD. With a blank dhard drive, the boot order should not matter, but I would set it to boot first from HDD, second from DVD.

If it still does not boot from the DVD, the DVD drive may have failed
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