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"Operating system not found" help me please

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ok here's the deal...i turned on my computer and my hewlard packart(sp) logo loads up..but after that everything stops and im left with
"press f1 to setup" and "press f2 to resume" when i press f1 i get the bios screen asking for a password..but i dont know what it is because i was never givin a password for when i press f2 this comes up "operating system not found" i called the techs and they told me to press f10 for system recovery..but when i press it..i get this beepin noise constantly..and nothing my hard drive gone and i have to get another one..or is there some way i can fix it?
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Welcome illestshorty101.............:D

How old is this computer?
it's not OLD OLD...maybe like 2 years a little less....
What model HP is it?

You may have to reset the cmos with a jumper on the motherboard to clear the password. The Harddrive could be dead, but it also could be setup wrong in the cmos. If you figure out how to reset the cmos, Enable the S.M.A.R.T for hard disks. Then when you save and exit, if the hard drive has problems and can relay that to the controller. You will receive an error message about the drive.

I have a little experience with the NEW HP recovery system. A normal OS install may not work. Usually you have to pay $20.00 to HP to get the original recovery disks. You call them and give them the information (serial number, model number, etc ) They send the disks right out.

Check the harddrive and see if it is a samsung. If it is, you may here a clicking sound (ka chunk,ka chunk). This means the drive is dead or dying. Good news! If it is a Samsung, you can remove the drive: goto and do an online RMA. Samsungs have 3 year warrantys. Bad News all your data may be gone.

Or you can go buy a new harddrive. If you already have recovery disks, you can get started on the setup. If not call hp support.
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the HP is a XT963... i was think'n the same thing that the hard drive dead..but we have 3 other computer connected to it (internet wise) we have the phone line into the computer and everything...if the hard drive is would the other computer be able to get online...?
If your Windows is not booted up, then you must have 'Immaculate Connection' to the internet.

I can't explain why other computers connect to the internet through a phone line, on a computer that when booted displays 'Operating System Not Found' Maybe I misunderstood you.

If you need other computers to connect to the internet then switch the Internet connection sharing to another computer

If you have another XP machine you can transfer the phone line to it and do internet connection sharing. Or win98 - winMe.
what's immculate internet?

so could it be the hard drive isnt dead....cause in order for it to work..dont it need somethin on the hard drive?

*sighs* this is sooo
Immaculate Connection is when now wires are plugged into your computer, and it is working.

If you can get to the internet then you might turn the power off of the bad computer and see if you can still get on the internet.

If so. You might be sharing the internet on another computer.
everybody is sharing the internet threw that one computer...the computer that cant find the operating system is the main computer..everybody connected to is using linkys wireless....but what i dont get is..if there is no operating system found on the is it still able to have the other computer online...when that's the main computer there feeding off of *confused* :confused:

i am sort of confused.
maybe the thread starter is confused as well...

this one person i know thought that they were sharing through their "main" computer, but in reality they have all the machines connected to a router, and the router is connected to the internet with a cable connect. they thought that it was still running through the main machine, but i took the time to explain that in the situation they have, the router is the "main" machine, and all the others reach the internet with the same priority as the so called "main" one...

now, if you have the "main" pc on a dial up, and then the rest on a hub or router running out of that machine, then that would be what you seems to be saying, but then the other machines wouldnt connect if it wasnt on...

if the others can connect with it not running, (or running wrong) then it sounds like you dont have it set the way you think...

so i would have to hear an explaination of how exactly the machines are connected including all the harware that it in play, and then maybe we could all help you..

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ok, we have DSL and the DSL modem and links and telephone wires..are plugged up into are then are plugged into the phone line..everyone else has a wireless usb network adapter...dont you need like some type of software on your computer to keep the DSL running? i
See if this makes any sense! If I take my modem out of my machine and lay it on a table, Then hook up the phoneline from the wall to the modem line in.

Then take a phone line and hook it up to the phone side of the modem the phone will still work! Right.

Maybe this is why it's working.................:confused:
all i know part of da DSL is connected to are computer..the other is connected to the phone jack..and the other computer are using USB wireless adapter...

but do yall think my hardrive is fried..cause i tried da f10 thing and nothin happens...

not to be rude, but you dont sound like you know enough to even use that machine...

if that machine is in the off position, do the others get access?

from what all i have learned, there isnt any way that that machine could provide internet to the others unless it is loaded into windows. if the others get online, that doesnt mean the machine is working, it means you arent connected the way you are explaining.

so, the dsl line comes into the dsl modem in the dead machine, and then doesnt come back out, and the wireless router is hooked to the usb port, and even though it isnt running, it still dishes out internet to the other machines through a usb that isnt even on yet? let alone that the dsl modem wont work on a non running machine either.

if you figure out what you are talking about, then maybe we could help.

if it wasnt doing anything, then i would say we might have some ideas, but you are trying to say it is doing some of the things it can only do in windows, yet it is halted in a partially booted state. that isnt really possible.

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unless you are picking up a signal from your neighbor's identical wireless usb system...

ive been around computer my whole life.. it's hard to explain that's the back of the westell(DSL modem)...i have 2 phone is plugged up..and conncected to my computer...the second phone jacked is plugged in and plugged into the wall not worried about the internet and just hoping that maybe there's a way to bring my system back without having to get a new hard drive and motherboard..cause i have alot of things on there...
Out of all the confusion:

Please call HP support and have them walk you through resetting the cmos password that is installed. Once that is done, you can verify that the hard drive is autodetected.

If the harddrive is set up and you can't boot then you might be missing all of the files you hadn't backed up.

I will have to agree with bob on a few points, but without clarification of the details, you might as well run out and get some blinker fluid when your turn signals don't work!

Once again. To try to "help" you. Call HP and ask them how to reset the CMOS. Once that is done post the new information. As far as your internet goes, unplug all the wires from the computer. Does the internet work? Good! you must have a router, and the modem must be plugged in for faxing capabilities.

Let us know how you progress.
I got a little confused just now reading this thread about the DSL part. I'm sitting here wondering where the DSL part came from then it dawned on me that he posted the part about the DSL while I was typing the section on the modem.

But I have to agree with everyone to this point the only way he can have access to the internet with the host machine turned off is to be connected through the router. Which means he doesn't have a host machine at all.

And no you don't need any special software to connect using DSL.
I'm using 4 machines here right now that are all connected to the internet without any special software on them.
operating system not found

funny, this just happened to a user at work recently. to solve:

i hit the power button (i.e turned off), got behind the PC and tightened the keyboard cable into the port - it was loose. the person had hit the cable with her foot, and pulled it our halfway from the port. this freaked out the PC.

on the next boot, message was gone. this happened a couple years ago too, it was lucky i remembered ;>

The only way to get into your BIOS if you do not know where the jumper is on your motherboard is as follows:

Remove your cmos battery from your motherboard and disconnect the power supply as well. Wait about 10-15 minutes, hook the power supply back up and put the battery back in. Then boot the pc and when you go into the bios, it will no longer ask you for the password because it no longer resides in the rom.
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