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Opening "Tool >> Options" causes IE to stop navigating

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This is a very wierd problem that occurs whenever I open up the "Options" window from the "Tools" menu. After I open the window, if I simply click the "OK" or "Cancel" button, then I won't be able to navigate anymore. I don't even have to make any changes, I can simply open the window, click "open" or "cancel", and I get the problem.

Can this be a CSS bug?

It only occurs in IE (6.0) for windows.
It doesn't occur in firefox, netscape, safari (mac), firefox (for mac), or IE for mac.
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Hi and welcome to TSF

Can you get as far as 'delete cookies and temporary files' followed by 'Reset Websettings' on the Programs tab?

With your XP CD in a drive go to Start>Run and type sfc /scannow>Enter - this will reinstate any lost or damaged IE files.

Have you run some online AV/Malware scans to cross check your security status? -

I would suggest running this issue past one of the security specialists on the HJT board to see if it rings any bells for them:-

If you need to post a HJT log please be sure to use the HJT Help board as otherwise a response may be delayed.

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Thanks for your response Peter,

I don't think this is a problem concerning my computer as it occurs on IE browsers of other computers. Also, this occurs for a particular site that we are developing (so I cannot post the site URL). The problem started occuring after we reskinned the site.

We do know that the problem only seems to occur in IE6 in Windows (the site works fine in IE for mac).

I know it's tough to provide a solution without seeing the actual site and the problem, but any ideas would help.
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