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Only opera can access internet

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For some reason, only my Opera browser can access the internet. IE, Firefox, windows messenger, yahoo messenger, cannot, although for some reason, Steam can access it as well. I just restored my computer to the factory-settings, so that might have something to do with it, but I don't know how to fix this problem.
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do you have a firewall installed? that could contribute to the problem
Check your proxy settings...

This is quite hard to work out, but the factory reset sounds like the problem, Did you have any specific settings for firefox?

When you try and log into windows messenger it should give you some form of error? google it and see if that can help,

it just says there is a problem with my internet connection, and I already disabled my firewalls
and oh yea, for some reason, the computer won't correctly recognize my usb mouse
Okay, have you run windows update yet? (could sort out the drivers to the mouse)...

in FF what does it say... is it the normal "page cannot be found" thing? if you have disabled firewalls and there aren't any proxy settings messing with the connection i can't think of what the problem would be
ok, it is the normal page, and i got IE to work. I dunno how, but I did.
FF doesnt work still, and almost every other program can't. I think that one of my programs is blocking them all, but I can't figure out which one it is. Windows firewall isn't, I disabled it, and i still have to reinstall my virusscan.

Windows update can't connect either =.=.
haha windows update can't connect, i should have thought of that before, if IE works then i don't see why FF does, it will be a program blocking them out or something similar, if you've disabled the firewall i see no reason for it to not work, if you knew how you got IE working that would probably help too
omg woot! i figured it out!

when I did the system restore, it also restored the old drivers.
My old wireless drivers were bugged as hell. :laugh:
It works now =D

I updated my other drivers, and now my mouse also works! :1angel:
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