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One of the serives is missing

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Hi there, I wanted to start sending messages to family members over our network as it's easier to communicate as we're all on the computer most of the time.

So to use net send I have to enable the 'messenger' service.
Well the problem is I can't actually find that service in the list, it's on all the other computers but not on this. XP SP2.

Is there any way i can add it/install it?

Many thanks.
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Here try this and you will need the system recovery disk software

Is there a way I could possibly copy it from one of the computers?
It is part of windows xp and runs from it and you will need the windows install disk for this when it goes thru. If this does not work then you might have to do a repair-installation and that definitely needs the windows install software.

There might be one thing that might fix it but first warning that you might need the recovery software for this computer I would suggest that you contact the manufacturer of the computer and order the proper recovery disk set from them and please do this ASAP...

You can try downloading this and re-installing it right over what is in the computer:

Download Windows XP Service Pack 2 full installation
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