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Onboard to agp problem

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i have a Aopen mx4lr motherboard, 2 x 256mb ddr 400 , intel celeron 2.0Ghz and a 80gb hard drive, here's the problem...:rolleyes:
I put a 128mb geforce fx 5200 agp graphics card in the motherboard to upgrade from onboard graphics (8mb) and when i put it in and plug the moniter into it, the screen dosnt work, and stays on stand-by, so i put 2 other graphics cards in, 32mb and 64mb, and none worked, i put the moniter back into the onboard and it works fine, so i went into the bios and disabled the onboard graphics, saved it and turned off the computer, i put the moniter back into the graphics card and still nothing, and when i tested back in the onboard it didnt work from disabling the onboard graphics, so i reset the bios to default and it worked in the onboad but not the graphics card:4-dontkno , please help:pray: :pray: :pray:
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I don't know your mobo, but maybe there are some jumper that has to be changed to completely disable the onboard video. Do you have a manual?
No, i dont, but the jumpers that are on the mobo are the cmos clear, audio and theres one in the top left corner of the mobo that i dont know what it is, it has no writing about it next to it, but the mobo is Aopen mx4lr , i double checked
I would take out the battery let it sit for about 10-20min and have it unplugged in the back so theres no juice or enything in the mobo
disable onboard in the device manager
disable onboard in the bios
turn off the computer
remove the cable from the onboard and put it into the card
boot the computer tapping f8 and choose vga mode
when windows finishes booting and reinstalling the card
disable a/virus
install your drivers
reboot the computer
Is there a fan on any of the cards you've tried. If so - is it running? I think some mobos use the AGP slot as an "extention" for the onboard graphics, for example ADD cards.
Hello, Thanks for the help, but, none of them worked, and i have tried things like that before, but nothing seems to work, i found the mobo site and then i found this which i dont know if i need this as the grahpics card or any graphics card
I just tried a 64mb graphics card in there, the fan spins, but still no signal, but if i put in the onboard and have the card in it works
did you check that you had enough power to run the card
The card dosnt use power from the power supply, but the power supply is 250w and even a 32mb card wont work in there, and they wont need that much power
put your specs into here
based on a quality supply and add 30% to the end result
it does not matter how little power they draw,if it's not there it is not going to work
you need 18Amps on the 12v+ line,i think if you look at the label you will find it supplies only 12-14a
I will try that calculator tomorrow, thanks for all your help
Have a look at this (from the Aopen tech support forum):

Topic: RE: MX4LR Boards and Plug in AGP Cards

Posted to VGA CARDS on 9/21/2003 11:26:43 AM by JuaN!

Hi Fred, yes they cannot support AGP cards. MX4LR has only ADD slot and this is not compatible with AGPs. This is a motherboard's chipset limitation and the only optio to be able to use another VGA card is through PCI VGA cards, regards.

<< Posted to VGA Cards on 9/21/2003 2:09:55 AM by Fred Bloggs >>
Maybe going mad here.

I plugged in a new AGP card into the board.

Plugged monitor lead in.

Turn it on and no screen.

I tried a GF2 440mx and a Rad 9200 (Nothing)

Even tried a old Vodoo 3 (wont fit)

I no the board has onboard AGP. But want to use a better card.

Is it the board wont support these types of cards.

Going mad here.
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