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Onboard sound for MSI K8N Neo4 SLI not working

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I've just put together a new system and am having lots of trouble with the creative soundblaster 24 live. I've tried everything and cannot get any sound out of any of the jacks. I am using winxp 32 bit OS. I have downloaded all of the latest drivers for this and none seem to work. Tried ac 97 as well. When xp is booting up i hear the speakers crackle for a second and then nothing. This is my first experience with something like this and I was wondering if I am the only one? If anyone has any suggestions I would be glad to read them!!!

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Check that the onboard sound is turned on in bios?

Try another set of speakers or headphones.

There is a difference when downloading drivers for sound cards, there are onboard drivers and card drivers. Make sure you have the correct driver. It should have come with the motherboard.

Check the hardware manager under sound, video and game controllers. is the sound device listed and working properly?

Is the volume control muted?

I think that Barry_R has given you good advice. I also suspect that you have drivers in there for both units or at least some fragments that will prevent either from working.

My advice is to take out the Soundblaster unit, then go into device manager and delete all references to sound card drivers from all sound cards. Then do what Barry_R told you to do by starting with the onboard unit.and your motherboard disk. If you get that working, then you can disable those drivers and install your Soundblaster card and load those drivers.
Hey there.

I think you will find that this issue is power supply related.
If you jump over to the MSI forums you should be able to find and fix the issue there.

Its something to do with a rail that your power supply must have, in order for the the onboard SBLive audio to work.

I first saw the issue raised when i was looking to buy a new motherboard from MSI. In the end i went with the K8N Neo4 Platinum (non SLI).

Hope that helps.
:4-dontkno Seems as though I do have the 1st version of this board. The -5v transistor is there, and i do have a -5v rail on my psu. But it still doesnt work. Is there a way to test this?
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