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On Holiday. Hip hip hooray!!

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Hi everyone :smile:

I`m off on holiday and won`t be back till the end of June. Hope to be back then anyway if I can survive the flights as I`m terrified of flying :eek:

Would you please keep an eye out for any of my threads which are still live and help out.

Thanks all

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just remember, when you are up in the air, its a long way down. have fun. :)
Enjoy the break! The flight will be fine (it's the landing and take-off that I don't like...:grin:)
Have fun .. don't think about it .. I have been flying for the last 30 years .. look where I ended up :lol:

just remember it's all psychological .. and the birds do it daily :grin:
Thanks everyone

Can`t decide if you have helped me or not :grin:
I have to face almost 24 hours up there and agree that the getting up and back down again are the worst parts. I`m sure the plane will explode one of these times. Then I`ll be an :1angel:

Well, this will be my last reply as I`m off to bed in the hope of getting some sleep.

See you later :wave:
You must be going to Australia way it sounds.
Yes, it is Australia.

My daughter is there and I have not seen her since September.
Only thing which could make me face these flights.

I`m definitely away now :smile:

welcome to Australia, (when you get here, that is) i'm on the far north coast of New South Wales and the weather is beautiful.... !
Well Done Elaine!

Australia is a fantastic place!! :grin:

I have a spare computer in Adelaide if you decide to stay. :laugh:

Take care.

Kind Regards,
Godzone Elaine - have a great time.
Enjoy your holiday, while your in the greatest country :grin::grin:

Take it easy and relax, because when you get back, it will be back to work :4-whip: :grin:
Sounds like TSF is having a party "down under" just for you Elaine .. lets see if you are also weak enough to get on-line once you arrive :grin:
Well everyone, I`m back.

Thank you all for your good wishes which have worked well.

It was the best holiday I have ever had, but now I`m down in the dumps to have had to come home and leave my daughter behind. The 3 flights home (61/2 or 71/2 hours each) were absolutely terrible due to lack of space and being unable to sleep. I thought I would never get to Glasgow!

We spent 2 weeks in Queensland and 1 week in New Zealand South Island, all of which were absolutely wonderful. Just have to start saving for next year now :rolleyes:

I hope I have not missed anything, please let me know if I have.

Back to work it is then

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Glad you enjoyed yourself. Now, back to work.:4-whip:
I hope I have not missed anything, please let me know if I have.
Nope, absolutely nothing happened while you were away - we took TSF offline just to make sure. :grin:

Glad to hear you had a fantastic holiday - welcome back!
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