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Hey people what's up, Bloodyrek here :grin:

so i have this old Mobo: M598LMR's the specs:

Supports 90~500MHz Pentium CPUs at 66/75/83/95/100MHz external clock speed in Socket 7 for Baby AT Form Factor
Supports Intel P54C/P55C ,Cyrix/IBM 6x86/6x86L/6x86MX/MII , IDT C6/WinChip 2 and AMD K5/K6/K6-2/K6-3 CPUs ,provides CPU Plug & Play feature for earlier CPU installation and auto CPU core voltage switching from 2.0V to 3.5V
1MB Pipelined Burst Synchronous L2 cache Onboard (51KB optional), provides 3 DIMMs for SDRAM memory modules and is expandable up to 768MB
Embedded high performance 64-bit 3D AGP Graphics Accelerator with 8MB frame buffer support Windows 98 Multiple Display feature, AGP Rev. 2.0 Spec. Compliant
3D PCI Sound Pro on board, meet PC98' SPEC., HRTF Positional Audio, supports Microsoft Direct Sound 3D and Aureal A3D interface with 4 channel speaker out, Software Wave-table Synthesizer
10/100MHz Fast Ethernet LAN on board, supports IEEE 802.3 and 802.3u standards, and fully compliant ANSI X3.263 TP-PMD physical sub-layer.
56K Fax/Modem on board, supports V.90 Fax/Modem standard for your internet communication FCC Part 68, CTR 21 and ACA TS 001/TS 002 approved
2MB Flash ROM on board provides complete Advance Configuration Power Interface (ACPI) and Legacy PMU; Ultra DMA 33/66; fully compliant with PC'97 and PC'98 Spec.
Provides ATX power connector to support various functions of ATX Power such as Suspend , Shutdown, Alarm Wake-Up, Modem Ring On, Wake on LAN ,Interrupt Wake-Up from Keyboard/Mouse and Keyboard Power On/Off
Built-in Hardware Monitor circuit, supports Thermal, Power and Fan speed monitor; supports Intel LANDesk Client Manager(LDCM)(optional)
Bundled AMI Desktop Client Manager detects abnormal conditions and thermal management automatically or through the network link
Supports PC99 Color Connector for easy identification of peripheral devices
Provides ATX Form card for USB, PS2 Mouse and fast IR interface(optional)
Bundled Corel WordPerfect Suite8; take advantage of leading-edge collaboration and business tools
Bundled Gamut includes MP3 Encoder/Decoder, for professional audio application
Bundled Super Voice for Fax/Modem an Voice application; MediaRing Talk for Internet Phone communications
Provides Trend Micro's ChipAwayVirus and PC-Cillin 98' (oem) Windows 95/98 and Internet virus protection


so now i was just wondering what kind of new hardware am i able to put on this old mobo without making a bad choice

I already bought 2 of these RAM: 256MB PC100 CL2 3.3V SDRAM 168PIN (32X8)


i believe they should work fine on it ...i still have the manual
"Memory Support:
°Three DIMM slots for 3.3V SDRAM 168-pin memory modules.
°Support for 66MHZ and 100MHZ memory bus.
°Maximum installed memory can be 3 x 256MB = 768MB

:4-dontknoTough choices are certainly the Hard Disk/Video Card:
WD 80GB 7200RPM ATA100 8MB

GeForce FX5200 128MB DDR

Do you guys think i would be able to get these and simply install them without any problem of compatibility?

And is there any suggestions for a BIOS update?

Thanks in advance:pray:

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I think that is PCI 1.0 motherboard so the PCI 2.2 video card won't work.
Try eBay for a older 2.0 AGP Video card.
It may also only support ATA66 IDE hard drives it is a old motherboard socket 7 is Pentium and backwards compatible to a 486 chip as well as the AMD and cyrix offerings listed above.

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AGP even at the 2.0 spec is faster then PCI, I have to echo HD Monkey what do plan to use this for, it will not make a good web browser and is too slow for XP or the newer Linux versions,
wheres the agp bracket tho? ..i dont get it lol

and mainly for web browsing ..atm has like 128mb ram, 14mb video card, 10gb hd ..and it runs xp fine ...lmao
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