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I bought a used HP DV8320US laptop at a store that was closing. I was told that the computer worked great. but when I got it home I couldn't get it to start up. I could only get it to go to the Bios set up at start up. I tried different troubleshooting processes but nothing worked so I finally turned it over and checked to see if anything was loose. boy did I get a shock. someone had taken the hard drive and memory modules out of it. they lied to me when they said they had used it the day before. well I went to Best Buy and got a new hard drive for it and 2 memory modules for it. now I can't get it to do anything but sit and finally cut off after a while. the monitor shows a blinking cursor. the bios set up utility shows a Genuine Intel CPU T2850. 1.6 Ghz. 2048 Total Memory. I have a windows xp professional disc but for some reason it won't load. your help would be highly appreciated before I turn it into a boat anchor lol

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Greetings fireman, :welcome: to TSF.

Firstly, has that Windows™ XP Professional CD ever been used on another computer before? If it has, you might have problems activating it.
Having said that, we can overcome this issue should it present itself later.

Have you tested the installation CD on another computer to see if in fact it will boot?
Insert the CD into another computer, wait and see if it starts 'The XP Welcome Screen', if it does; then, you're good to go.
Presuming that there are no issues with the CD, lets start...

Power up the laptop into the BIOS and check that the new HDD is recognised; if it is, good...Set the Boot order to Boot from the CD first, and the HDD as second, Save and Exit the BIOS.
The laptop will now reboot.
Immediately start to continually tap the F8 key and it will take you to the installation screen, after pressing any key to boot from the CD.

At this point you will be asked to select where you wish to install Windows™; its fairly straight forward, just follow the on-screen prompts.
A blue screen will appear with the Windows Set Up starting; once completed, the machine will boot back to the Boot from any key to boot from CD screen, this time Do Not press any key, or else you will be back to square one. :facepalm:.

The installation process will continue; just read and follow the prompts.

While the installation continues; on your other computer, go to the HP™ website to download all the necessary Drivers to a USB Drive for installation on the Laptop, once the Windows™ XP Professional installation has finished.

HP™ dv8320us laptop Driver Downloads.

Giving you all this information might be in vain, because Microsoft® are ceasing support for XP in April 2014; perhaps considering a later Operating System would be better. :4-dontkno

Good luck with it; post back with the results, and if you have any other queries/concerns.

Kind Regards,
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