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Oki Printer Upgrade?

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I'm new to this site and hope you can help.

I have a Oki B6500 laser printer, an error code appeared showing "initialising".

After an hour or so this disappears and the printer will work again until the next time.

The IT company we use and removed the printer back to their office as it required an "upgrade" which would take some time.

We have now been advised that the upgrade doesnt work and we need a new printer.

Has anyone heard of this?

Thank you for your help.

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What exactly are you asking? From what you posted, the techs thought updating/upgrading/repairing the printer would solve the problem. However, it would appear that it didn't solve the problem. So it would appear to be an issue they cannot fix. If you don't trust them, get the printer back and take it somewhere else (Oki certified repair center) for a second opinion.
Sorry Dogg it's only I had never really heard of updating a printer before, its only two years old and the pc its been hooked up to hasn't changed.

Am I right in saying then that the printer has a bug and an update on it may have worked but hasn't?

We don't really have enough information. "Update" could refer to firmware (which is basically the software the operates the printer) or hardware.
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