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OK, some progress made, but still far from done...

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ok, I have installed a working copy of XP Pro on a machine that had a corrupt copy of XP Home installed, now that I can boot into XP Pro, is there a way to use the recovery partition to fix the original Home edition install, or to use Pro to fix it?
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Hi jasoncarle..

did you format the partition which XP Home was installed on when you installed XP Pro?
Well, if you've reformatted the hard drive over the old XP Home install, and then installed XP Pro over that, your chances of pulling anything off of it are slim. Rule number of data recovery: 1. Never alter the drive you're trying to recover.


So... did you create a separate partition for Pro?
then you overwrote the original install
At startup,. I still have the option to boot into Home edition, but it wont because per this thread:

the idiot whose comp I am trying to fix, erased his system32/config file, did not have a Windows CD handy, told me it was Pro when infact I found out today it was home after trying to do a repair install and instead loading 2 copies of winblows on it.

the recovery partition is still there, is there a way I can access that to use it to recover the computer? There are drivers in there the comp needs that apparently cant be downloaded from the emachines website.
How on earth did someone manage to delete system32/config?? It's just about impossible to copy/move let alone erase so it was probably just cprrupt.

Anyway, nevermind that at the moment. Many PC's have different options to use their recovery partitions so it may be a case of calling the support number for the pc manafacturer's or even the shop where the machine was bought from. However, i'm aware some systems can be recovered by pressing F4 or F12 at boot....please bear in mind that doing this will in effect format the partition so if there is any data still on there that is vital, back it up before you start. Another thing to think about is some recovery options will restore the hard drive status to its original setting so if new partitions have been created on that drive, don't bank on them being there after you finish....I learnt the hard way. I partitioned my 120GB drive into 3 partitions (C,D & E) and when I used the recovery disk the first (and last time), I was advised that the C drive would be formatted blah, blah, blah so I thought no probs but it did the entire drive so everything on the D & E drives was lost although I was able to recover some with specialist software.

As for the option to dual boot, as the installation of XP Pro was made to the same partition as XP Home was installed, you will not have the option to dual far your PC is concerned now there is only one XP installed and that's the pro version.

Hope that helps :)
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I have no idea, I am very frustrated with this particular person.

He refused to go buy an external enclosure so the files he wanted could be recovered BEFORE this attempt, so as far as I am concerned, he deserves what he gets, and thats the loss of his data.

he wont be happy though, there were pics on there apparently that he had not backed up yet, pics of his kids Bdays.

edit, I guess I could try some data recovery programs and see how that goes.

Before you do anything drastic don't let your frustration get the better of your friendship as I know I would be devastated if I lost pics of my children. I take it that you're able to boot into XP at the moment? If so, it won't take you too long to back up things like pictures to a cd or even a dvd....even if your friend loses emails and some other files, at least he'll have the important stuff available and he'll have you to thank for it :)
I can boot into XP Pro, none of the stuff from the XP home install is there.

and I know I will be blamed for the loss of data, even though he is the one that deleted his system32/config file, that told me he had pro instead of home, and refused to go get an external enclosure so we could get all his data off it before trying to repair it.

Whilst in pro, try using the search feature to find the files....use the advanced options to add hidden/system files to the search and then look for the common image file types (jpeg, jpg, bmp etc). That should come up with some results.
thanks for the tip, I will try that.
A search of the disk with the windows search feature recovered the photos, now I am running a recovery software to try to get programs back, thanks for the tip.
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