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Ok here it goes AMD or Pentium?

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Here is it, the ? everyone doesn't agree on. I would like some facts more than just opinions on this. Does the AMD or the Pentium Processors run better for games and app. ? Also IS this ghz really necessary. I seen a 2ghz P4 and what is the deal, besides seeing who can make the fastest cpu. What do you notice or how much when you go from say, like mine 900mhz AMD athlon. to a 1.5ghz and up? Also will it help with gaming? Lot of ?'s please answer as many as you can. Wheeewwww that was a long wind... Now let the battle begin. LOL......
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Personally I go AMD... They are significantly cheaper, they run as well as and in some cases better than anything Intel puts out... Now on to the questions... I've never seen any flat out fact showing one is better at something than another one except by saying it's Mhz are higher... The 2Ghz+ cpu is just Intel trying to one up AMD, because their chip has the capability to operate at a higher frequency (MHZ) than the AMD chip.... but what makes the XP/MPs so good is their architecture allows them to handle data faster by processing larger chunks at a time.... for example Intel would do 200 Mhz and 32bit chunks and AMD would do 180Mhz and 48bit chunks... so it basically evens out. For gaming performance... go with 900+ MHZ and the best video and RAM you can afford and you'll be able to handle everything that will be coming out for a while... I'll let others voice their opinions by ending this here.... We're like've got questions we've got answers :D
Up until 3 months ago I did daily heavy cad/cam work that is both hard on processors and video cards- AMD out performed Intel clock for clock. I have seen reviews on high end dual processor video editing machines and AMD won almost every time.

You can spend less money and get the same performance or better yet spend the same money and get better performance.
$ for Dollar AMD.....but rumor has it next release Intle is going to leave AMD in the dust....
come on people, no one wants to say anything on this( sore subject?)
I depens on user choice....its like M$ vs Apple

M$ is like INTEL ...mainstream
Apple is like AMD ....smaller but the people who use it swear by it and will fight for thier product.....Thats why you wont get a straight answer....

both CPUS on the top end will get the JOB done and then some...get what you can afford!!
Doonz said:
but rumor has it next release Intel is going to leave AMD in the dust....
But for how long... AMD has never been behind in the competition for very long... Plus AMD is going the route that Motorola took when they were making the chips for Apple. High performance, but not necessarily the highest Mhz. Take apples new 1Ghz G4... it'll toast anything close to comparable. Back the the AMD vs. Intel though.... I doubt there will ever be something that the other company can't recover from ( with the exclusion of fed investigation or being bought by microsoft) Planned obsolecence makes sure that the best out is never the best out. The new rumored chip is rumored to us.... has a planned release date by Intel execs, and is completely forgotten about by the developing scientists, because they are already on the 3rd chip after they one you heard a rumor about. So if Intel springs something big, AMD will just skip a gen and go to their more powerful one.
In My Opinion Intel is more stable all around and no heat issues...:D
Yeah, but once you strap on your air conditioner the AMD will run forever.... plus you don't have to be mainstream.... I like underdogs... I used a mac and drive an Isuzu CAR!!!. Isuzu refuses to acknowledge they made cars....LOL
prefer amd

i prefer amd above intel works better with lenux and my hobby online games
well..............I'll speak for the common guy who busts his butt everyday and lives payday to payday...............AMD!!!!!!!!!!

But then, it is each persons preference. Afterall, it is going to be your machine so put in it which ever one you like. I mean, we're not going to be using it, right? So, either one is good.

Good luck,

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