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Office Installation from CD-ROM

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I am working on a computer that has Office 97 installed from on it from the CD. (You'll have to think back now - Office 97 was a long time ago in computer years ;) .) If I wish to add or remove an individual component, I insert the CD and double click on the "setup.exe" file. A menu of options then appears onscreen (Add/Remove, Reinstall, Uninstall All, etc.)

I had the CD-ROM in the drive when I accidentally pressed "Reinstall." I cancelled the process and received the message that "Setup was stopped before any files modified."

Now, however, whenever I insert the CD to install or remove a component, it starts right at the beginning to install Office 97 from scratch. It prompts me for my name and organization, CD code, install location, etc. It then generates a new Product serial number.

At this point, I exit setup because I don't want to mess up my current Office programs. But I can't figure out how to get the CD (namely setup.exe) to behave as it did before (where it gave me menu options for my existing Office 97 installation). Instead, it behaves as if Office 97 is not installed at all.

Does anyone know how to remedy this?
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I'd uninstall and then reinstall, it's obvious that the message that nothing was modified was incorrect. :rolleyes:
Thanks johnwill, for the input. However, another of my "forum friends" suggested I enter the info. the CD was asking for, so I decided to try that before embarking on something as major as an uninstall/reinstall.

The easier option turned out to be the answer. It did generate a new product serial number (and after searching the Microsoft Knowledge Base, I found out that this is normal). It went on with the installation process, but it turns out that it doesn't overwrite what is already there.

The Office programs I previously installed still load normally, only their splash screens display the new serial number.

Now if I want to add or change an Office component, I place the Office 97 CD-ROM into the drive and it gives me the regular menu options asking me what I want to do - just as it did before. :winkgrin:

Just an extra note: When a new serial number is generated, any extra components that were installed after the first Office installation will not be checkmarked as installed when you load the CD. I believe this is because they are not associated with the new serial number.

You must load the CD, click "Add components," and then checkmark the "extras" that were already installed the first time. The installation process will proceed, but it actually doesn't overwrite what is already installed. It simply associates those components with the new serial number so the CD will accurately show what is and is and is not installed.
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