Music is one of the ways that we can stay focused, even in a crowed public setting. The music is constantly giving us something new and keeping our brains satisfied while we work on a task.

Although, as some of us know, headphones and ear buds can sometimes not be the best noise blockers, unless you turn up the music to 11. Then, if you do that, the people around you become distracted and annoyed.

To create a win-win scenario, a headset with noise cancellation would be perfect in this case. You get to enjoy peace and quiet, while not distracting all of those around you, whether it be a public or private setting.

Those over at iDeaUSA believe they have a headset that is designed just for this scenario. With Bluetooth aptX, active noise cancellation, and a comfortable fit, can the V201 possibility make a perfect office/public setting headset?

Welcome to my review of the iDeaUSA V201 Wireless Headphones. Throughout this review, I will be discussing the following topics: the design, functionality, and my final thoughts. A special thank you to iDeaUSA for providing these headphones.


If you are an avid reader of our TSF reviews, then this V201 review may show some signs of déjà vu. When unboxing the V201 headphones, I immediately noticed their strong resemblance to a recently reviewed product, the Topdon Active Noise Cancelation headphones .

In terms of design, the V201 and Topdon headphones are astonishingly similar, to the point where I would say that were even made in the same Chinese factory. Nevertheless, I will review them as if they were their own, unique, product.

Like their similar counterparts, the V201 features this fake carbon fiber design found on both ear cups and the top headband. Personally, I would have preferred a metal or satin look over this carbon fiber, as the phony look comes off as cheap.

Another design element that I would like to see changed is the large ‘R’ and ‘L’ letters found on the inside of the ear cups. While it does help identify which side is which, I find that the large letters are not necessary.

Edit 7/30/2017: After further usage of these headphones, I have become fond of the large 'R' and 'L' logos. I have retracted my original statement.

Built around an all plastic frame, the V201 is surprisingly comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Around both ear cups and the underside of the headband is a plush and comfortable foam padding that breaths quite well.

The padding around the ear cups is actually better than on most headphones, even some of the higher end models I’ve used. While it’s not memory foam, I find that their comfort actually comes from the pleather cover around the foam.

With the plastic light-weight frame and plush padding, I was able to wear these headphones for a long period of time. Hours went by with these on my head and they didn’t once feel uncomfortable or give me an itchy head. For office usage and public settings, the V201 was a great hit.

Continuing with the ear cups, the I/O on them is a little backwards. We normally see that the 3.5mm jack is located on the left ear cup. Instead, the V201 features the 3.5mm jack on the right ear cup, alongside the wireless media controls. The other ear cup features an on/off slider for the noise cancellation and microUSB charging port. More on both of these below.

Finally, the V201 feature an all matte black color scheme. This all black design is something I prefer and it allows them to go somewhat unnoticed. While the V201 is an expensive set of headphones, subtle is sometimes best.


There are 40mm drivers inside the V201 that pump out some impressive sound. While the design may be similar to the Topdon headphones, the sound is certainly not.

I listened to my Pandora Plus rock and roll music for a while and the V201 was able to keep up with all of the instruments and vocals quite well. All sound in general worked out very well, including lows, mids, and highs. Unfortunately, the V201 is lacking in the bass department.

For what these headphones are, I would describe the sounds as acceptable. It isn’t mind blowing or perfectly accurate and if I were listening to music at home, then I would prefer a different headset. That said, these headphones are mostly focused on those who will be on air planes and in office buildings.

I even used these headphones to watch Twitch streams which are playing an assortment of different games and surprisingly the V201 handled that quite well as well. Minutiae sounds like footsteps and far away gun shots were audable and directional on the V201.

Of course, that was when the headphones were wired. The V201 also supports Bluetooth 4.1 with aptX technology. Bluetooth 4.1 is the latest in Bluetooth connectivity, but combining that with aptX makes it even better. If you recall my review on the Beyerdynamic Byron BT headphones, these too featured aptX Bluetooth.

What this is, is a technology that provides superb Bluetooth connectivity to ensure that the music is never dropped and is always the highest quality possible. By changing the bandwidth in how music is transmitted over Bluetooth, the headphones can provide CD-like sound.

There’s more than the aptX Bluetooth in the V201 as they also feature active noise cancellation. Image a swimming pool with either end having a similar wave rush towards the middle. Eventually, they are going to meet in the middle at where they cancel one another because they are the same. This same principle is how noise cancellation works.

Turned on, the V201 does an excellent job at removing noises around you. Heavy bass and white noise in the room will seem like it has just vanished. Moreover, this active noise cancellation, somehow, does not distort the music in any way.

After using an active noise cancellation headset, I find it difficult to go back to using headphones without it, especially in public settings where there are people walking, talking, and making loud noises.

Finally, the V201 has a 500mAh internal battery that powers all of this technology. You’ll need battery power to use the headphones, even when connected through the 3.5mm jack, but the battery lasts for a considerable amount of time. I went a little over two weeks before needing to recharge them. A full charge from zero percent takes about three hours.

My Final Thoughts

I enjoyed using and reviewing the iDeaUSA V201 headphones, but at a $89.99 price tag, they are a hard recommendation to make. We’ve begun to enter a price bracket that could be used to purchase headphones from major brands like Beyerdynamic, Bose, and Sennheiser, and I know which brand I would prefer.

That said, the V201 is a great sounding, comfortable, and pleasant headset to use for everyday usage. The active noise cancellation along with Bluetooth 4.1 aptX make it a great fit to be used with a smartphone or laptop. Plus, their smaller, light-weight, size offers great portability. A future generation of the V201 desperately needs a better microphone, more bass, and to bring down the price to a price bracket more suitable for these headphones.

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