Microsoft is on a roll the past two months with yet another announcement on their resume, this one being their newest iteration of Office. Revealed at a press conference yesterday (Monday), the new Office will be cloud storage friendly, and will in fact be available online as well. New features include Skype and Yammer (a business social network) functionality, a new touch-pad friendly interface(which has no doubt been added to support Windows 8's own interface), and more.

It looks stylish and sleek, and will, like Windows 8, be cross-platform software. Microsoft has also announced that an online, Cloud-storage based version will be available on a subscription basis, allowing for users to sign-in and stream any Office applications to their supported smart phones, tablets, laptops or desktops. This version will be known as Office 365. Those who are interested in testing out the new Office Suite can do so by downloading and previewing it from Microsoft's official preview site, listed below. With cloud-computing becoming a very popular idea, very quickly, this could be a great move by Microsoft to allow mobility, accessibility and streamlining the software business model.

Try Office Preview