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Office 2007 symbols not appearing correctly

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I have a strange issue with Word 2007. I have a user who has issues when viewing a Word document, some symbols appear as white boxes. I had her send the document to myself and when I opened the document, all of the symbols appeared correctly.

When she views the document and prints it, the boxes are printed instead of the symbol. When I view the document(correctly), the symbols are printed just fine.

I have tried running a repair on her Office products and uninstalled/reinstalled as well. Same results.

She uses Windows XP Pro 32bit, Office 2007 Standard
I use Windows 7 Pro 64bit, Office 2007 Standard

Thanks in advance.
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Hi Pip,

I don't think it's a corrupt font. I just tried on 3 other Windows XP workstations and each time I opened the document in Word 2007, the ' symbol is a white box/square.

Whenever I opened the document in a Windows 7 computer, the ' symbol appeared appropriately.

This is mind boggling!
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