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Office 2003 - Problem with shortcut to Outlook

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I use Windows Office 2003 on Windows XP Service pack 3
After the computer boots, all shotcuts in the start menu work including the
shortcut to Outlook.- Outlook opens and I can use it all day long as long as
I do not close the program.
If, for any reason, the program is closed, I can no longer restart it using the
shortcut. I have to restart the computer.
The message I receive when trying to start the program a second time is
" this operation failed"
I allready uninstalled and reinstalled Office without success.
Additional information: Outlook is the only program which has this problem.
Can you help me.
Many thanks before hand.
Best regards from Belgium
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Make sure that when you exit Outlook that the outlook process is not hung up while closing. If you open task manager and look at the PROCESSES tab, see if Outlook appears there (again this is after you've exited the program and waited a few seconds for it to do its thing). If it does, then you might have a toolbar or add-in that stopping it from closing correctly. If you do find it still running, you can end the process and wait for it to no longer appear in the task manager. Once that happens, try to restart outlook and see what happens.
Dear djaburg,
Thanks a lot for the fast reaction. Your suggestion solved my problem.
Thanks again and best regards.
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