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Hi, I have a P2-400, 196 ram, cable modem. I'm having
major problems with OE6 and IE6 both. First I will tell
you that I had problems a few weeks ago so I did a folder
compaction, emptied large files out of folders in OE, and
installed a couple of patches in IE and then they were
both running like new. I even set up a new identity.
Then about a week ago I developed problems again. I
updated from 5 to 6 thinking just maybe that would help
cure my ail. But no way.

Here's a list of problems that I am dealing with now. The
pc is almost unusable.

1. When I am reading mail in preview pane, everything is
cool and then all of a sudden in any particular email
there is nothing in the pane. I open up the email and see
that there is a text attachment. I go back to the email a
few minutes later and I can view it in the pane! Same
with Jpg's. Every so often I can't view them in the pane
and when I try to open it up I get a message
saying 'cannot execute command'. Then a few minutes later
I can see it in the pane!!
2. When someone sends me a forwarded email and it has
jpg's or gif's in it, it takes a good minute for the page
to show up. The window is frozen as I wait. Its almost
like the email is in shock for several seconds.
3. It can take almost a minute for a 1K email to open, yet
it can take just seconds for a large jpg to open.
4.I sent my friend a jpg the other day and he said he
could not open the email. Said it froze up his mouse and
there was no way he could view it. Took a couple of days
before he was able to delete it.
5. When I click on an URL in IE, the window freezes for a
couple of minutes before it takes me to the new page.
Someone told me to do a 'repair' on OE. I did it and
things got worse.
Now, I do have NAV, and I do update my def's and I scanned
my drive and find no viruses. Unless if Norton isn't
finding it while it is there.
Can someone please help me?? I am ready to put this thing
thru the picture window. Thanks!

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I just did a defrag, did another scan with Norton and it finds no virus. I am at my wits end. When my friend received the corrupt email from me the first thing that entered my mind was that I have a virus. But it doesnt show up! Any suggestions?? Thanks
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