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OE not Displaying .eml & Missing Network

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This problem started around 3 weeks ago with OE v6 not displaying incoming messages, .eml files, on my XP Pro, 64-bit PC. All that is being displayed is text including HTML as if it was part of the message. Other messages from vendors with HTML are displayed OK. I can't see any relationship in the trashed messages other then thay are being forwarded from someone. I have tested the same pre-trashed messages on a XP Pro 32-bit machine, OE 6, with no problems---they display OK. I have looked at all the network settings that I can find---they are the same as those in the 32-bit. If a message arrives with pictures inline, and I am lucky to see them----if the message is forwarded the pictures become blank in the message, and look like they are being be sent as an attachment.

I have checked the settings in the virus and mauware programs.

Also, in the middle of this I discovered that I can't print to the network printer from the 64-bit, and I can't see the shared folders in the other PC (32-bit) on the local network. Also, from the 32-bit I can't see the shared folders in the 64-bit.

Right around when I think this started, I received two batchs of updates from Microsoft. I suppect something was flawed in the downloads for the 64-bit, but not in the downloads for the 32-bit.
Any ideas?

PC: XFX nForce 680i LT SLI Motherboard
Momory: 4 Gig
Processer: Intel Quad
Video: Diamond Radeon 1650
Virus: Bitdefender Internet Security '09
Maulware: Prevx 2.0
System: MS XP Pro, 64-Bit


Drive: WD SATA 139G
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