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i need help getting past the beginning part of oblivion, where that troll mages you.
describe more soon brb

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Its in the dungeon, towards the end, a goblin mages you, iam stuck, i keep dying any tips?

oh and whats up with using mods for oblivion?
well just got to duck,and weave a bit to avoid her lightning far as mods to the game just google it you will find all kinds of places.
what do i attack with? i got a bow and arrows, and a katana.
and i can use ANY mod i find?

what types are there, like buildings, exc
you could try ranged attacks with a bow.ive always killed that goblin up close and personal with a sword

mods armor,weapons,npc's,quests,buildings,and even add-on towns i use a few mods myself
oh ok. ill give it a go later.

Can i use alot and not be affected performance wise or any other way

some mods will,and some wont.depends on how massive the changes the mod makes.i have some add on weapons,and armor.some of the building mods will lag a bit when near,or inside some wont at all.its kinda trial,and error with the mods.when downloading mods just look for ratings.

edit: i have a total of 12 mods active,and plays just fine
i have 1gb patriot ram and a 7600gs and an e6300
Strange, i seem to recall completely owning that little goblin guy.
But then again, not much can withstand my mighty sword and board skills.:rolleyes:

As pharoah said, you just have to weave around him a bit. He is a spellcaster, so he has to hit you with slow, ranged attacks, dodge those attacks then move in for the kill, once your up close there isn't much he can do to stop you.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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