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NVIDIA Graphics card and DVD writer problems

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I have 2 apparent problems.

1... I have a NVIDIA GeForce2 MX/MX 400 (Microsoft Corporation) and I think it may be conflicting with some thing or it has some kind of other problem.

I try to capture video from my camcorder which is a JVC via firewire, the card I brought from ebay. It starts capturing but after a while the computer restarts.

Also my screen keeps sort of freezing I can see the mouse moving around but if i try to click things nothing happens, then after a few secs or mins the screen goes black and comes back on and then all is well again... --- What is going on?

2... I tried to burn all my files to DVD this evening as I was going to drastically reinstall windows XP and see if it fixed my above problem but when I put a DVD into the drive it shows that there are 0MB free and 0MB used. I have burned DVD's in the past and I am unsure if I have successfully burned DVD since the above problem started. -- What is going on?

Are these 2 problems joint or connected and what are the solutions.

Cheers Lisa
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1/ do you have enough ram and power
2/ uninstall and reinstall your burning program
check the device manager for any yellow alongside of anything,first click on view and show hidden devices
check the event log to see if you can pick anything up there
I have 512mb of ram which I believe should be plenty.

I have tried about 5 different burning programs and uninstalled and reinstalled with no luck.

I have no yellow in device manager

Where is the event log?

I noticed that when the computer restarts while burning that it stop on start up and said missing file windows/system32/config/system

Cheers l
c/panel/admin tools/event viewer
in the run box type
sfc /scannow
and press enter
Hi I have done as you said above for the event view, but please you tell me now what I am looking for?
scroll down and look for error listings on the left and click on them to bring up the details
Ah yes I remember seeing a lot of errors and warnings.

But there did not tell me much.

I remember one error occuring almost always below an avg event.

I will be back online at home at around 5pm this evening.

Is there a paricular error i should look out for?

see if there is one that coinsides with the burning problem
list your specs including brand and wattage of p/supply
Will list spec once home.
In the event log i think at the same time as the burn error yesterday the is an error but the error code is alot of numbers

Also there are a few errors but not yesterday when i go into them they say "The device, \Dvice\CdRom0, has a bad block

What do you wanna know about the system spec.

I think i may format the hard drive in a moment
I have just updated BIOS to version 1013
either the cd disk is faulty or the laser,will it read a retail disk
I have formatted the HD and my god the CD DVD writer seems to be burning again, touch wood.

What on earth happened...
might have been a corrupted system file
Firewire and Sound drivers

Since reinstalling windows I can not reinstall the drivers for my sound card or firewire cards please any help would be create.

I have run windows update and also tried reinstalling drivers from cds but with no luck.

The sound is actually part of the motherboard.

Cheers for all help.
Thanks for all your help on these issue.

I pulled the firewire card out restarted the machine and then shut down again, I then reinserted the card and on startup windows installed the correct driver and the camcorder actually downloaded 1hr of video.

At long last.

Thank you to all. Lisa
lisauk said:
I have formatted the HD and my god the CD DVD writer seems to be burning again, touch wood.

What on earth happened...
Hi I have the same did you format your HD? Please help!!
SmrutB said:
Hi I have the same did you format your HD? Please help!!
U could use the windows installer cd to format.
Yes I reinstalled win xp and used the win xp cd to format the hard drive.

Just boot from the win xp cd.

If you need more help please post back.
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