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Nvidia graphic card names are CONFUSING!

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Like ive been out of the graphics card scene for a while... now to see that ALL THE NVIDIA NAMES ARE MESSED UP

like... HOW the HECK can a GT 250 be better than a GT 440?????????

Wheres the LOGIC in that!!!!?????
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with nvidia they had the [series no.] [performance indicator] followed usually by 00 or [edition number] followed by letters to indicate what they are good for.

then they reached 9 on series no. and had to start over .... introducing the GTX series. where "GTX [series no] [performance indicator] followed usualy by a Zero or an edition number, like the previous.

at least. thats the thumb rule :p
when Nvidia was in the 7/8/9 series it was easy to see which models going to be better
ATI is now better and easy to see,
eg 3/4/5 series.

HD 5850 better than> 4850 better than> 3850
and 5870 would be better than> 5850 << BUT a 6850 would be better than BOTH even tho being a 50 on the end, cos its a higher model range

Simple really, and this is without even taking a look at the charts... its logical
Then theres Nvidia,GT250 better than not jus GT 340(if there is one), BUT BETTER THAN GT 440 ***?
450 is also better than 250, while not 250 may be better than 440 :p

performance indicator coming into play.
The number system is logical. The 250 is the 200 series , 50 being it's place in the series.

The 440 is the 400 series , the 40 being it's place in the series.

The place numbers do not have to be consistent so long as they are within their own series number. They do this with pickup trucks too.

A chevy 3500 from 2009 will obviously be better then a 1500 from 2010. They are different series (or years) but have a different place in their own series.
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