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NVidia GeForce 6200 BIG PROBLEM

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Hi kind helpers,

today i happily went to buy my new graphics card, very excited i was... got home and did all the things that needed to be done. tried to play game GTA San Andreas... NOTHING!!! and i know i did it properly... help.. maybe this isn the right place for this cos i think it has to do with thew game itself not accepting my card, since my other games work.. just that san andreas... thnks for any help, dont be nasty about anything either please, and if this is in the wrong place just move it or somethin.

thnks :tongue:
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when upgrading the video card check your p/s is up to running it
know very little about games,some one who does will probably answer when they come online
is directx up to date for the card
do you have enough ram for the game
check the disk is clean
yeah all that is up and running, direct x is perfect and stuff, ram i have 512, the disk is clean... oh i prob forgot to mention, when i had my GeForce 4 the game worked perfectly... but as soon as i installed me Geforce 6 the game stopped working
check your settings and make sure the geforce 6 is the ONLY video processor installed.
i installed mine right on top of my geforce 4 had no problems... so its probly something else thats the problem, agp or chipset.
yeah its the only card installed, and its AGP. whats weird is that all my other games work fine, sims 2, splinter cell chaos theory... just not san andreas...
I had the same problem with my Geforce 6200 card and BF2. BF2 was trying to start the game at [email protected] and it would not start. I set it to start at [email protected] and it came up. Then from their menu I was able to change the resolution and settings to what the game supported. In my case it was [email protected]

i sorta understand... but one more thing, how do i change all the settings u mentioned above without ACTUALLY starting the game???? thanks every1 for the help i really appreciate it by the way,,, thanks flip.. just one more reply if u dont mind.. maybe 2...
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