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nvidia 9600 GT issues

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I recently purchased a new graphics card to replace the onboard graphics on my pc. All was well but after about a week i got a random BSOD after logging into windows, i restarted and the problem went away, a few days ago the same thing happoned so i restarted but when i got into windows i got another BSOD. I restarted and the issue was gone. I updated my drivers incase they were at fault. Today i got into windows BSOD, restarted BSOD when the xp loading screen was displayed, turn off but when I restarted BIOS didnt come up, the lights were on the pc and the fan was turning but BIOS would not come up.
I was wondering possibly if the PSU might be at fault?

Thanks in advance
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Welcome to TSF. Can you post your Motherboard and PSU model? If your machine won't post your BIOS set up screen you may need to clear your CMOS on the Motherboard via jumper or switch whichever applies. A BIOS update may be necessary for that Video card. Let us know.
what are you running
video card
power supply

check the listings in the bios for voltages and temperatures and post them
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