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Nvidia 8500GT and Viewsonic LED comptibility issue

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I am hoping to fix a Viewsonic VA2238wm LED -22" monitor to my pc -Vista home premium sp2 -32 bit , 2.46Ghz intel quad , ASUS P5QPL-AM motherboard , 2Gb Ram and having a ASUS EN 8500 GT Nvidia -1Gb .
Will I be able to get my Viewsonic monitors 1920×1080 resolution and view HD?Could you please help me
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did you download the latest nvidia driver for your card? if not here is the link, suggest you install them. (it is suggested to uninstall old drivers first)

Drivers - Download NVIDIA Drivers

also being an led monitor you most likely need to install drivers for your monitor, you can find these on the manufactorers website.

once they are compatible, if at all possible, the resolusion should automaticly set for the native resolution of the monitor.

if not you can right click your desktop and select "screen resolution" and in window popping up you can change the resolusion.

good luck :)
Monitors are plug and play. They require no drivers to function.
Thank you Elahhez for your advice-could you tell me about a book or article or website to get more knowledge about related facts-with kind regards
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