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ok so first thing is will this setup run 3D (i think it should)

Intel core i5 2.56ghz without turbo
4gb of ddr3 1066mhz ram
nvidia gts360m (according to nvidia it will do 3D)
7200rpm 500gb raid 0 hard drives (if it maters)

connect via hdmi on side of laptop to:
42" 120hz 1920x1080 LCD TV

reason im asking this is i havent bought the tv or 3d kit yet and im trying to figure out if its worth getting the 120hz ONLY for this

my problem is when i go to bestbuy and plug my laptop into the tv im looking at (and i have tried higher end models too even some 240/480hz tvs) it will do 1920x1080 but it wont let me do 120hz *(from nvidia control pannel)* i called nvidia and they said i need the 3D kit and software to enable the 120hz option if thats true great but i dont want to buy it to find out i cant do it and just wasted a couple hundred bucks so im now asking here for clarification (nvidia also didnt help much or really tell me what i was looking for) and where can i get a download of that 3D vision driver i looked all over nvidias page and cant find it so ill be able to try it (i wont be able to see the 3D without the kit i know but i want to see if it works and how it affects my system)

also the laptop runs great at full 1080 60hz (pluged in) games like WoW Aion Dirt2 COD6 Borderlands the infamous Crysis all run at 45-60fps max settings (drops to 25-35 unpluged but when its on the tv it will be pluged in) how much does the 3D cut down the fps because if its too much its not worth it either

thanks for all the time and help
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