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Nvida cards s-video out to TV issue

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I'm experiencing a rather annoying problem with my Gainward Geforce
GS Bliss pci express graphics card when I am trying to watch video
output on my analogue TV. The problem is that the quality is extremely
poor the picture is fussy and you can see the screen refreshing

At the moment I'm connecting via s-video from pc to TV and using
I/pal and my TV is set to pal, the picture is in colour but is
extremely poor in quality, if changed from pal to ntfs the picture
changes to black and white but the quality of the image is greatly
improved. I know that the hardware is working okay as I have
previously had this setup working, it wasn't until a system format
that I have started to experience problems.

I have tried the supplier's drivers from cd with no luck and the
latest nvidia nforce drivers also with no results, I have also tried
disabling directx to see if this is the cause of the problem to no
effect. The issue does seem to be with the drivers for the graphics
card, as if the drivers are uninstalled and the pc booted with the
windows vga drivers then the quality is remarkably improved on the TV.
I have tried a few different driver versions to attempt to resolve
this problem with no success, although there must be a set that worked
as i have previously had this working. So at present im out of ideas
other than flashing the bios of the graphics card in the hope that
this allows it to work better with the new driver releases but i dont
want to take this step if there is a simple solution that i am
missing, does anyone have any ideas or know of a good driver release
that might resolve the issue ? Any help at all would be
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