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NTDLR is Missing - Laptop - Help!

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I just installed a new hard drive and cd rom drive on a 2 year old laptop (HP-DV4000). I have the system disk from HP and put it into the drive. It boot and successfully loaded XP drivers on the bluse screen and started the Hard Drive format. Half way through it stopped and reboot and gave an error..NTDLR is missing.

I now am attempting to redo the process...put in the system disk and let it boot and install a fresh copy of XP, but nothing happens. I have checked the boot order and the CD rom is listed first. All I get is that error message. I have done a bios self hard drive test and that comes back fine.

Any ideas for next steps. I just want to load XP and get this laptop up and running. Thanks!!
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You can read the second paragraph if this doesn't fix your problem. The NTLDR is missing and you'll need to replace from the recovery console. You'll need your XP disc and you'll have to put a couple of commands in to replace it. Just so you know, the NTLDR is the Windows bootloader. Whip out your XP disc and boot from the CD drive. Get into the recovery console and wait for the command prompt. We're going to assume the the d:\ is your cdrom and that the c:\ is your system drive. Use these commands:
1. copy d:\i386\ntldr c:\ 2. copy d:\i386\ c:\
Make sure that there is a space between the file and the drive you're copying to. Otherwise it will not work. In the command prompt, there will be no indication that it did something. Wait 5 seconds or so after inputing the command and then do the second one.

This just may be the conspiracy theorist in me, but with HP's XP disc and your new hard drive and CDROM drive, your install may not work. Here's my reasoning behind this theory: OEM's will have their componentry coded into their BIOS. The install disc is made to recognize any descrepancies. If it does find any descrepancies one of two things will happen: 1. The install will result in the problem you have. 2. The install will work, but you will have to call Microsoft and get a product key.


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