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Now this, is extremely odd.

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Well, just all of a sudden my network has gone crazy. I have a two routers (One for a wireless laptop, and the other for my computer and the XBOX360).

Right now, there is an absolutely crazy amount of activity going on (All three router lights indicating activity are flashing as if a download/upload is going on).

This implying that the XBOX, my computer and the laptop are all downloading/uploading.

... The odd thing is, first of all, what in the world could the XBOX360 be doing? An update could not take this long as I'm on a T1 connection and this has been happening for the past 30 minutes.

Secondly, my computer is not downloading anything (Keep in mind I've been programming under Windows for years). Even after activating my firewall and "blocking all" it's still going. There is nothing running but the most basic of services.

Now for the most bizzare. Apparently the laptop is also downloading/uploading a hectik of alot... the laptop isn't even here, it's miles away and the wireless network is encrypted.

I really have no idea what is going on.
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Which routers do you have?

Have you tried to a soft reset by switching it off, disconnecting any cords, leaving it for 15 minutes and then reconnecting or a port scan?
Tried all of those things. I even called my router's technical support about an hour ago, all I got was "The lights should always be flashing, it's your router assigning you an IP address". I argued with him on that one, as all network information distribution does not occur all that often (And IP addresses are only re-assigned every couple of months).

Not only that, this is causing my internet to run at speeds more comparable to dialup (Approx. 170kbps, compared to my usual 1.4Mbps), and no "passive" network traffic would cause this.

Even stranger, disabling my network connection does not prevent the traffic, even when my computer is completely turned off, the lights are still flashing.

Also, alot of network-related problems are arising, when "reparing" a network connection it doesn't even get past the first step of clearing the ARP cache. Any such things are Windows Media streaming don't work at all, the XBOX360 Live! service can no longer even connect due to an apparent Maximum Transmissible Unit (MTU) size failure, which the XBOX gives no explaination about whatsoever.

I'm going to call my ISP tommorow incase someone is attempting a DoS on my (locally hosted) webserver. Although I can't imagine anyone would want to attack me as my site is neither controversial, nor is it even available at the moment.

P.S., My routers are; NETGEAR DG814 and D-LINK 802.11g
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Hi MattBro

No, the lights shouldn't be flashing as they are saying. You would obviously recognize that as you've had this setup working before and it wasn't like this hence you noticed.

Software such as PRTG Traffic Grapher will show you all activity and requests taking place realtime, and so will Netmon and Wireshark. TCPView will enumerate every app on your computer interacting with the net and through which ports, with greater accuracy and information than many firewalls. Firewalls do offer such ability though. If you don't pick anything up here as you stated then its very likely h/ware related.

Have you changed your RWIN and MTU values at all? You can check what it is currently with CyberTweak. I doubt how they'd suddenly change very much but its easy enough through hacking. Bear in mind the lights flashing when the router is off as you mention is a router error, nothing else. This should be taken to your router manufacturer as they may have latest firmware that will deal with this problem.

If "repair" connection is not functioning then its either cabling, filter, router or ISP thats playing up. I doubt at this stage that its a DoS but a port monitoring facility would give you a better indication than router LEDs. At this stage I'm thinking its a firmware error which can cause this behavior on routers.
Have you recently upgraded firmware for it?
Is your power light also flashing?

If it is, it'll make you drop connection regularly or maintain a very weak one.
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Hmm, the MTU remains the factory standard as it always has. And if it was changed my network would not be working at all, since it's an Ethernet network, and the only applicable MTU for ethernet is 1458B.

One other thing I figured could be the problem is that, I've replaced alot of my system's drivers/service interfaces (including Winsock) with my own custom-written variants. I've reintalled the original software, yet the problem remains. (Really did think that would be the one, guess not).

The router indicates everything is fine (Status lights/Power are appropiate), I've checked both routers configuration and everything seems to be in order.

I've disabled alot of non-critical system services, amoung a myriad of other things, yet nothing seems to be working. (Also reinstalled drivers).

My connection remains operational, but everything else seems to indicate that it shouldn't be (such as the fact I cannot repair the network connection).

Other than my computer, there is still the matter of the XBOX360 which is also indicated to be passing alot of traffic. Along with my non-existant laptop, which is also apparently receiving alot of traffic.

There is one other thing that lead me to believe it's a DoS, when all network cables are unplugged the router still indicates alot of activity over WAN. This is what prompted the whole "DoS" thought.

Correction, my network is actually running at optimal speed (162KB/s while downloading PRTG Traffic Grapher).

This makes sense though, if I'm only receiving information.
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What security settings do you have on this wireless network.

You need to enable WEP or WPA and set a security key on each machine.

If you don't have the network, secure some-one nearby may be using your wireless network, bandwidth etc.

There are unsecure wireless networks near me, which a neighbour has been able to use. He's not on my wirless network as I have the security settings as high as I can set them. Only my wife's laptop uses wireles anyway, all other machines are hard wired. I only enable wireless on the router when my wife want Internet access.

Ensure each PC also has a software Firewall.
Zone Alarm Free is very good.
Can't help on the Xbox though. Check the manual.

Traffic ights usually flash a little but any constant flashing means that data is being moved in one direction or both.

If you are not doing this then some-one else is using your network, bandwidth usage allowance etc.


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