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Not saving resolution

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Build my computer up again and now I have trouble.


8800 GTS
Q6600 2.4gHz
Abit IP-35 Dark Raider

I have a 22LS4D LG tv, native res of 1680*1050.

I connect my computer to a monitor and set the resolution in the nVidia control panel and windows display settings to 800*600.

I connect it to my TV and set the res to 1680*1050. Fine.

I restart my computer and boots up, displaying no signal on TV (which is what it did when I boot it up for first time).

I connect it to the monitor again, and the resolution has not been saved.

Hmmm. Last time this happened, I just saved the resolution in the nVidia and Windows control panels and it worked, but not this time.

How can I make it boot up in 1680*1050 (I know it's possible as I done it before, can't remember how though).

Thanks in advance.

Also, I checked drivers for TV and they were up to date.
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Try changing resolution under Display Properties.
Thanks for the reply, but thats what I've been doing. I used the display properties in the windows control panel to set the resolution, as well as the nVidia control panel both of them set to 1680*1050.

Completely forget to mention this.. but I'm on Vista lol.
I've got it connected with a DVI adapter.

So it goes Computer > DVI adapter > VGA cable > TV

On the DVI adapter more than half of the pins have disappeared and on the DVI slot at the back... the pins are stuck in there.

I'm guessing this could make the problem?
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