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Not Booting

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I hope someone is able to provide me some support with troubleshooting suggestions and resolutions.

My computer will not boot, or takes an agonizingly long time to boot. It would appear to have been getting progressively worse. Right now, I'm 5 minutes into whatever it's doing after I pushed the start button.

After I push the start button, it would appear it is not doing anything. The power light is illuminated, and the fan is running. No signal is sent to the monitor so there is no display. There is very little, a simple quiver maybe, of the hard drive. I have no idea if Windows XP is ever initialized, so I am hesitant to believe it is getting to the point of bootup in which tweaking Msconfig would help. I am unable to find any keystrokes to successfully bring up the Bios or the alternate Windows boot option menu.

Please, help me to try to isolate this issue.

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Post the make/model of the PC. If this is a custom build then post the specs.
PC Specs?
Prebuilt- Brand Name & Model Number
Custom Build- Brand & Model of Mobo-CPU-RAM-Graphics-PSU
Hi folks,

My apologies for not sharing that important system information for you.

I continue to struggle with this.I have to physically turn the computer on and off many times before before it "catches" ad loads up. Very frustrating. It takes me close to twenty minutes before my system actually fires up.

I have attached a PDF with valuable system information for your consideration.

I hope someone can help.


I have some additional observations that I hope can help me isolate the cause of my frustrations.

1) Today, while performing a spyware and antivirus scan, my computer crashed, as it does periodically. However, this time, a popup windows message came up briefly before going to the blue screen indicating "Out of Memory".
I had 48 processes running at the time according to my process monitor.

2) In addition to the agonizingly slow, touch and go, booting, my computer itself has grown sluggish. Applications are slow to respond, applications will stop responding for periods of time when there are several running at a time.

3) I am now able to observe my boot post ...
On startup it takes a few seconds and identifies my IDE and SATA drives.
Then there is a long long pause during which time the screen blanks out
to a blinking cursor in the top left corner. After several minutes, the Windows splash screen is displayed. A few minutes after that, the music chimes in. It is 5-6 minutes before the computer becomes functional.

Could this be a indication of a failed memory module or worse a faulty mother board? Are there any diagnostics that could help me determine one or the other if any?


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