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Not again.. damn PC!

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This is the 3rd time.

I have had my hard drive changed twice before for bad sectors and clicking and then PC dying. These were both 180GB. And I noticed they started dying once around 32 GB was used up

Now I was going fine with my new 232GB hard drive, but now I have reached 200GB :sigh: The PC is clicking occasinally and freezing up.

Has anyone got a clue as to what could be wrong, it can't be a bad hard drive AGAIN can it?
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Try heading over to the security centre and reading the 5 step process. THis will eliminate a threat of infection slowing the PC down.
Could you provide a link for that, I couldn't find it :S
It could be the hard drives. Do you know if the drives are refurbished by the manafacturer?

Last year one of my hard drives died suddenly (to be honest, I killed it but don't tell anyone!!) and as it was still under warranty, I was able to get it replaced for free. When the replacement arrived, the first thing I did was to run some tests to analyze the structure and bad sectors were found. So, I called the company and arranged another replacement and the same thing happened again. The company insisted it was my PC and I was adamant that it wasn't as all my other drives work without any problems. They wanted to arrange collecting my PC and checking it over but I wasn't having that so I complained until they agreed to send me one more and all has been fine since then. I also managed to blag a free hard drive too as instead of returning one of the faulty drives to the company where I bought my PC, I arranged a sneaky warranty replacement with Maxtor (again, don't tell anyone that bit!!). all means check your PC out for malware as carsey suggested but keep an open mind that the hard drives you're receiving could be faulty before getting to you.

Have you tried a low level format?
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Just clicked now for around 2 minutes :eek:
If you have vital data on there....back it up as quickly as you can and try a low level format. Is it your Operating System drive?
Not a computer guy so don't want to try that stuff incase I do something worse.

What tests did you carry out?
If you go to the hard drive manafacturer's website, you will be able to download diagnostic tools which you will be able to burn to floppy or a cd. Then reboot with the floppy/cd in the drive and follow the steps to carry out some tests. These tools can also be used to perform a low level format but bear in mind this will write 0s to the entire disk so all your data will be gone for good. So it's only advisible as a last resort (and after you have backed up your data).

Is the drive in question your Operating System drive where Windows is installed or is it just used for storage?
OS System..

EDIT - Where can I find the make of my hard drive without looking insied ? :S
- Click Start -> Run -> type:
- Click OK
- Expand the Disk Drives section and post back on the details there please :)
Samsung it is :D

What now? Shall I donwload the Shdiag and burn to disk and reboot?
Yep but prepare yourself with a cuppa and a good book as it may take a while to test a 232gb drive ;)
How do I run into DOS to execute? I was never a bright spark 8-0
If you have made a cd/floppy, just reboot with it in your drive and boot from it.
It doesn't pick it up. It just says

Boot from CD:
Boot from CD:

But then just loads up normally
Sometimes you have to press a key too.

Was the file you downloaded specifically for cd's or floppy as they usually come separately. For floppies, you can usually just copy them to a formatted diskette and cd files usually contain an image which can be burnt to a cd.
Oh damn it says diskette on the link you gave me *there go 2 CD-Rs!*

What should I do now?
When you looked in devmgmt.msc to check the drive type, did it have any letters/numbers after Samsung?
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