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Norton's - a problem

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Hi everyone,

I'm new and first time posting, looks like a brill forum here. I had a techy guy come in to try and sort my PC out this week (running slow and things not 100% but it was working ok apart from the slowness). Anyway, he did something with the registry and as I'm computer illiterate (!) I know nothing about what he did. Except... that after he'd left Norton's AV 2004 version which was working fine (subs run out December), was disabled. I tried to enable it but it wouldn't work. I called him back, he couldn't think what the problem was so I asked him to do a sys restore to put it back to before he came (he hadn't fixed the problems anyway). He did that and it was enabled...HOWEVER.... I now can't get into the quarantine file, it comes up with message saying to reinstall Norton's..gulp. Also I notice that the live upates I've done since he was here aren't registering, that is, the date of last update is the same date as the day he was here. HELP.

I don't have Norton's discs as it came already installed and I've just renewed subs ever since. I now can't get the updates and I don't want to uninstall because of the subs still on it but also because of slow computer, don't want to install newer Norton's. I'm not into the free ones as they can have their own probs and I've no idea whatsoever how to fix anything.

Would SO appreciate your comments and help if you can. Thank you so much.

Chrissie :wave:
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Hi and welcome to TSF.

You may need to uninstall Norton before re-installing. If so, you'll need Norton's removal tool

I've used free AV's for years without any problems. Have a look here for a general guide to PC security

While Norton is most likely the source of your slow system, there can be other factors as well - have a look here
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Hi Glaswegian, thanks for your welcome.

I don't want to uninstall Norton's unless I really, really have to as my subs are still intact, however I know with the problem it's not getting the updates (scream). I can't reinstall it either as it came on the machine when I bought it.

You've set up some good advice here I must say, thanks for the link, will go through each as I read it. Do you think I could disable a few things in msconfig to help, like jusched.exe etc? Also, I delete cookies and temp files by right clicking on I.E. and then properties, but I don't think this clears everything. Is it safe to right click on START, then explore, temp files and cookies and delete everything in there? I need to ask these things as I know very little and would rather be safe than sorry.

Many thanks for your help.

Hi Chrissie

You should delete temp files and cookies on a regular basis. There are several ways to clean your system - perhaps try a simple cleaning programme like ATFCleaner.

Do NOT use msconfig to disable items - use one of the startup managers suggested in the article - it will be much easier for you.

I'm not sure what might be the issue with Norton - perhaps check your firewall settings to ensure that Norton Update is allowed to download its files.
Hi Glaswegian,

I always empty the cookies and temp files when I come off the net, but only through I.E. box (right click on it, down to properties and delete in Internet Properties box. However I notice there are dozens of cookies when I right click on START, then explore, then Documents and Settings, then Owner. In properties for this it says created 2004. Can I delete them from there?

The problem with Norton's 2004 is that it was working before this "techy" guy came and started to find out why my computer was running slow! He used a registry thing on it and it took Norton's and disabled it. We did a system restore and whilst it took it to be enabled, it won't update the live updates past the date he mucked about with it (even after the sys restore) and I can't get into the quarantine file on it.

Thanks for your help.
Yes you can delete those. That's why I would suggest using one of the cleaning programmes. They will delete all those cookies.

Without seeing your system it's very difficult to suggest a solution. You might want to consider downloading a Norton update package

that may help.
Thanks for that Glaswegian. As if I haven't got enough to contend with, Norton's picked up on a virus this afternoon - "downloader"... and it couldn't repair or access it. As I can't get into the quarantine file I just hope it's put it in there, I did a search on the computer and can't find anything relating to where it's sposed to be. What happens now, if I uninstall Nortons what will happen to the virus if it's in quarantine? Gee whiz... I don't need all this hassle, I'm really gonna have to get someone in to look at all this for me.... sob.... wot's a gal gorra do lol.

I would try downloading the update pack I linked earlier. If you uninstall Norton the quarantine file will be deleted along with anything it holds.

I would also suggest you install both Adaware and spybot, run a scan and let them fix anything they find.
Spybot - Search & Destroy. A tutorial on installing & using this product can be found here.

Ad-Aware 2007. A tutorial on installing & using this product can be found here.
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