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So after having some trouble on my pc I decided to roll back and set up an image I had for the whole partition, during the procedure ghost just freezed and I had to reboot.
Afterwards, It gave me the option to either continue with norton ghost or go straight to windows. But after I chose to go to windows the only thing I saw is the dos cursor blinking and nothing would happen.
I've read about this problem being related to sata drives (which I use) and virtual partitions ghost uses, being the solution to remove that virtual partition.
the problem is that it doesn't show any partitions related to norton ghost whatsoever, only the ones I previously had. (3)
I also tried reinstalling windows, removing the partition and then creating another partition in the one windows xp was installed.

Can someone please help me?

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norton ghost now these days has grown beyond my comprehension , because i havent used it in years. because simply reinstalling windows is 20 mins of work " with " the installation of all the software i have the installes burned on dvd , with the numbers wich are tucked away in box on the attic somewhere. notes in txt file .

so thats 15 mins for installation of windows and 5 mins running installs and pressing next button 24 x a install

but norton ghost , makes a "snapshot " or " image " of the HDD, back then it was to file or to partition ,

if you you made a image it could be a image duplicate on the partition you copy it to .
or a image file on the partition . GHO file if im not mistaken .

to partition in image file and image put back could indicate that somehow the changes in HDD could have changed somehow ,

a hidden self enlarging restore partition . HP / DELL systems for example .
the backup manager monthly makes a back up .. but problem . more people use
more history the system stores and more info files system accumolates wich results in enlarging the partition original but also enlarging the copy ofcourse but at some point its giong to exeed the the space available on the hidden restore partition ,

now instead of giving a error "wich people dislike " these days ( as far as i know ) self expand the size.

graduately decreasing the original size of the original partition slightly to match the needs of the backup . ect this is the backup tool of the factory itself HP or Dell have this for instance ,

then ur created partition with a ghost of a week ago or month or year.

now the main boot record ,, or master boot record , stores the information what MB goes where

what cluster , wich compartment contains what information and how its called ect.
the changes being informed by the HP / Dell tool ( or might be ur factory backup tool )
this partition -10 , that hp backup partition +10 ,, that for 5 days . or 10 or 100 days . makes 1Gig missing .

now ur ghost files just copy's the partition information and leaves the MBR alone ( as mutch as possible ) .

making your primairy disk 1 gig larger then normally was.
you hidden hp backup partition banged up
or the partition you just started the backup from .

long story short it is explainable. but best way to solve is just re-install windows without formatting or use a CD version

, or try booting from the windows cd and when it askes repair a already present operating system press ......
then use that and attempt the "fixmbr" command
and attempt to boot again

hope this helps
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