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Norton doesn't run

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I click my shortcut on the desktop because I see Norton isn't running and I get this error message:
"Norton Integrator could not initialize the current frame class.
Please make sure that you did not directly run the integrator."
What do I do now? I cannot even open it...
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What Norton product are you using? SystemWorks? AntiVirus?

My first recommendation would be to reinstall whatever product it is. My second recommendation would be to make sure that that link points to the correct application, as Norton can be picky about what you run and how.
I am running systemworks minus winfax ( I was given the option not to load ) and I just re-installed the silly thing two days ago...
Do you get the same error if you start Norton from the Start Button instead of the desktop shortcut?
Yes. I uninstalled including live update. I installed again and it is purring along real nice.
Symantec service and support at addresses this issue- and has specific steps to follow to fix. Lots of links and documentation- reinstalling your Norton product requires carefully removing it, first- their way! It takes a while to get to the help section, tho.
I went there and found out which goodies had to be uninstalled to re-install it again and it is working better now than when I first installed it and my updates download and install easier too !:D
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