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Noob SATA Question

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Hello, this will be my first post but i been here reading on and off and getting a lot of information, but I think its tiem I ask my own :)

Anyways I am a total noob when it comes to SATA drives(yes better late then never :) ) well I got my new SATA HDD in its a WD Raptor 36gig 10k RPM. I am gonna do a full new installation on it with it being my only HD mostly for gamign so thats why.

Anyways I read about the F6 to install the drivers and stuff I have a P4P800 E-Deluxe board so I browsed the CD and found the drivers of course Promise, but it had 378ATA and 378RAID... this totally blew me off lol. And also what port do I shove the cable into SATA1 and SATA2 or SATA_RAID1 and SATA_RAID2? So I am lost on what to do and was hoping someone here is using the same board or is doing what I am doing.

Thanks for any help that is given.
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welcome to tsf:

you must use the 378ata driver not the raid driver

and install the sata cable in sata 1 port

and what bios version do you have now ?????

dont hesitate to ask more questions

also you will need to alter your boot order / if i remeber correctly the bios calls the sata drives 3rd or 4th boot option

boot order= floppy 1st 3rd boot device 2nd (it may be ok as it will be the only drive installed that generally helps out the install dramatically !!)


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