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Hello! I´m experiencing this stutters/hitching situation since february 2021 and to this date I´m unable to figure out what is going on, and joined other forums to see what I´m able to do for my pc and my wallet.


-Ryzen 7 3700x
-AsRock B550 Phantom Gaming Velocita
-G skill tridentz Neo 16gbs xmp on at 3600mhz
-Radeon Rx 6800 (non xt) (reference model)
  • Sk Hynix nvme 2.0 500gb (Os) pagefile set here
  • Seagate Barracuda 2TB (games) pagefile set on SSD
-Evga Supernova 750w Platinum
-Lian li gallahad 240 AIO
-Corsair fans white 3 pack
-Cougar Blazer (case)
-Corsair dark core mouse polling rate 500
-Corsair Mk 70.2 keyboard polling rate 500
-Headset Logitech G733
- Monitor Msi Optix Mag 321CQR

So my first version of this build had a psu from cougar 850w but was bronze, and my gpu was a rtx 3070 evga xc3 ultra. I also used my 55 inch samsung tv as main monitor,
Around February 2021 I started feeling the stutters while playing pretty easy to run games with perfect game engines for example Devil may cry 5, this was the first game I downloaded and I remember vividly that I did not experienced stutters when I first made this build. Fast forward I acquired the msi 144hz 1440p monitor and still had the issue and my paranoid began to grow, I traded the card for an Rx 6800 around 3 months ago but until this day Im still experiencing stutters, what is recorded on gpuz is that apparently the clock speed, load, gpu chip power draw and other values drop down to 0 causing the stutter. While running furmark all values look ok (first pic) While running Little nightmares for example we are able to see the drops in the values these are the thin gray lines. I drawed a red line to mark when I stopped running furmark and stopped playing the game.

Vimeo link to see in game footage:

I have tried everything under the sun,

as of now multiple times DDU safe mode and install amd latest drivers
Updated Bios
Tried running cpu at 4.3mhz at 1.425v
Taking the games from the HDD placing them on the SSD unplugged the HDD and ran the game alone at the SSD
Changed Power Supply to EVGA supernova 750
Infinity fabric set to 1800
PBO enabled//disabled
Rams at 3600 with xmp
Rams at 3200 set manually
2 pci connectors no daisy chained
I have cable mod extensor i have not tried taking them out and running the pc with the original cables of the psu
Running december 2020 drivers to try out but to no avail.
Tried a custom OS (ghost spectre) nothing...
Tried custom profiles with radeon settings, setting max clocks to 2350 and min clocks to 2250 to force them not to drop but still drops a little and gpu usage is not optimal with this profiles.
Tried combination of freesync and wait for vertical sync and Vsync inside game... nothing
FPS cap to 141 (this gives me the extra smooth look im looking to game with but stutters are really visible when frames drop)
Latencymon was giving me a network adapter error and I disabled Realtek 2.5 Family network adapter driver and enabled the Realtek PCI 2.5 adapter and the current latency measured on latencymon went down, but still in game i was having stutters.
On bios I have 4g enabled and SAM on (reBar)
On bios pci lane set to 16X
Reseated GPU
Some technicians in my country saw my pc and said it was bad game optimization but come on I cant even play the sims 4. nor Scarlet Nexus, Final Fantasy 15 impossible.
I have tried almost everything

Now some other guy is selling me an intel 7 10th gen 10700k with an Asus Strix Z490 F combo for 500$ he said this is going to solve my situation but sheesh
I have already wasted so much money and the only thing I want to do is to play nothing else. But this stutters kill my immersion of the games.
I can still play Valorant and League of Legends and Overwatch, But i cant chill on single player games.

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