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Non booting pc- any ideas?

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Hiya, 1st post, having some trouble with some components i bought off e-bay, advertised as new,but from private seller-so no support.

asrock wolfdale1333 glan r2 m/b
3.00ghz intel pent d cpu
2xpluss i gig mem
128mb pci-e video

old case-350 watt atx.

I was going to replace my old system core components and installed the new ones, (ive built many systems over the years, but not for a couple of years)so i sort of know what im doing. powered the pc up and fan starts- no post beeps. the system stays on for about 1-2 mins and shuts off- leading me to think its cpu related.

ive tryed taking out and swapping the mem, still the same-if i take out the mem completely i get post beeps, im scratching my head on this one and need to know what component-(if any) is at fault to return the goods.

any help will be appreciated.
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You're underpowered.

That psu has no chance of powering that machine.
What Model is the Video card?

For todays computers - No lower than a 550W ( Thats for a Medium range ). High end computers need around and over 750W

Good makes

Thermaltake toughpower
Antec trio
Coolermaster real power pro
PC power and cooling
Corsair TX and HX
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No problem, Just remember you cant overpower your computer so spend a few $$$ now and you'll save yourself having to upgrade in the future !

Let Us know how it goes. :grin:
Got new psu and no different. turned out to be faulty stick of ram. remember now why i stopped this pc malarky. cheers anyway dood.
I thought you tried swapping the RAM? Ahwell, Glad it's sorted. But Remember You didn't blow cash on that new PSU - Its The Main component in the System so make sure its top notch :grin:
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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