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My first posting to this site. I am a non-techo type with a little knowledge (Very dangerous!)

Techo stuff:
a) Windows XP Pro v 2002 SP 3
b) CPU Intel Pentium 4 3.20GHz
c) RAM 2.00 GB
d) Highspeed broadband
e) Netgear router DG834DG
f) Browser 1 - IE7
g) Browser 2 - Firefox v 3.0.2
h) Browser 3 - Opera v 9.62 build 10437
i) Windows updates all there (As far as I can tell)
j) Java - v6 update 10
k) ShockwaveFlash -
l) Firewall software - eTrust personal firewall from Computer Associates v

OK at the following site the animated gifs at the top of the page ("ALERT" & "New") can be seen but not the non-animated gifs in the lower detailed table. These lower gifs are dispayed as "Ticks" which link back to various technical docs on the web site. I have only just started to have this prob (Say for last two months) but I just cannot recall what I might have done to cause this. And I do believe its my end of the chain that's at fault.

Here's what I have done to try and fix it:

a) Checked all obvious setting in each browser - All appear normal to me and its only this web site that is causing me grief.

b) I have contacted the web master of the site and he cannot help.

c) I have checked from another computer at my sons house and the ticks/links work fine.

d) I have checked using a LAN PC and laptop which use the same router - Same prob as main PC

e) I have tried each browser with firewall turned off. Rebooted each time before trying. Same - no can see ticks in lower area

f) I have spent many hours looking at Guru's words in various forums. So far to no avail.

g) I have looked at the underlying code and I can see the file names (.doc & .pdf) but no gif image file name. If I type the doc or pdf file name with full path into address window the correct doc pops up. But this is way to long winded

h) In only two instances I can see "(750KB)" [Sportstar last two entries and in pdf col] but not a gif tick and when selected it takes me to the correct tech doc.

Its as if on this one page I am filtering out non-animated GIFs only.

P.S.: I can see all the icons on this forum web page. Animated and non-animated
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