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no video w/ new motherboard and cpu

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computer: M# gateway 507gr w/ on board video

sympthoms: fans power on ,hdrive LED stays on constant, shutsdown after
30 secs , no video, drives open and close.

I puchased an identical motherboard. Installed the original cpu , that didn't work so I purchased a direct replacement cpu(intel pentium 4 processor 531), still no video. Did I damage the the new motherboard by not putting in the new cpu with it?

The power supply appears to be O.K. I measured the +/-12 and 5 supplies they were alright. It has a 24 pin connecter instead of the normal 20 pin

I unplugged the dvd drives and harddrive ,the front usb and 1394 connectors. Still no video.

Anyone with any ideas, I could use some help here.

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did you apply the paste correctly to the cpu
have you connected the aux power plug to the m/board
yea i applied the heat sink compound, and the aux ps connnecter
first reset the cmos and see if it posts
if not
set it up out of the case with
start it by touching the 2 pins the case button connects to on the m/b with a paperclip or something similar
have the mobo and power supply out on a table 1 stick of ram and the speakers . still no video, tried clearing the bios(boot w/ no jumper and pulled battery) i hear nothing out of the speakers, even with no memory in the mobo
works now, I had forgotten to hook up the small power supply connector.

it must have been removing the battery(what do you think?). ,cause I did try reseting the bios via

the jumper. Once I reinstalled the battery. the mobo no longer needed to jump the power switch anymore when I plugged in the power supply .

Thank you
it's advisable to remove the battery as well as using the jumper to clear the cmos
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