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[SOLVED]No sound...

I have no sound in vista. I've connected speakers and tried them in every port they can fit into, still no sound. Checked the drivers and windows said they were up to date.

When I go into Sound Controls there are 2 options.

1 is greyed out and says "Speakers - 2 HD audo device, not plugged in" with a red downwards arrow.

The other has a green tick and says "Digital Output Device (SPDIF) 2 HD audo device, working"

When I play sounds the bar next to the "Digital Output Device" moves up and down and everything works fine, but I get no sound output.


Abit IP35 Dark Raider
8800 GTS
Vista Home Basic 64bit
Q6600 2.4gHz

Any help, please?:mad:

hmmm, very embarrassing. I wasn't looking at the screen when trying the speakers in different slots, but I moved it to another one and the speakers option in Sound Control turned green and I set it to default...yay.

Thanks for your help :eek:
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