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no sound

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my motherboard was replaced recently,but when i got it back,i cannot seem to enable the sound on my speakers or on the built in pc..
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enable it in the bios and have your drivers updated.. should fix///

do you have a sound card or mobo sound
hey do i do that?
press f2 or something like that depending on the mobo.. and you will get in to it and there you will able to enable on board or disable it. for soundcards to work 100% with no clash with the on-board..

and download new drivers :D
restart pc first then press f2 right?sorry im not a very highly tech person..
i appreciate the help
still no sound :(

Hi, I have been trying to install my ac 97 sound card, and I am not having any luck whatsoever, I keep getting this message: path not created C:/DOCUME~1/owner/locals~1/Temp/D:/avance please contact your provider, and : runtime error 216, I installed the power archiver to extract zip files, what else can I do?? :4-dontkno
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