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No sound whatsoever

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Hello to you all! :wave:

I have just joined in the hope someone can help me!
I have a cobbled together computer, or "custom built" as I'd ike to refer to it!

It was put together by a geek for the huge sum of £70 which he then gave to charity!:1angel:

Everything works, its Windows XP except the sound, have none whatsover, the only thing I hear is the sound of the dial up noise, and the constant nagging in my ears of my 11 year old..."why don't the sound work???":upset:

Have a Turtle Beach floppy entitled Montego 11 A3D Diagnostic diskette which I pushed into the pute, but it won't let me download it.:sigh:

I apologise if this question is answered already in the forum but I have looked
and can't find it!:grin:

Many thanks in anticipation!!
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Well my sound card must be working as I can now hear through headphones.
Trying to ensure speakers are connected correctly and I believe they are. Speakers are Altec Lansing with sub woofer.
Hi enaj1961,

The driver might not be installed. What sound card do you have? If you have a separate sound card, then install the drivers for it from the CD it came with.

Check that all your volume meters are up and that your speakers have the volume turned up.

Also, what sounds aren't playing? MP3s? System Sounds? And what media players have you tried?
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